Studio Class

Studio class will meet on Wednesdays at 1p.m. in Smith Rm. 211 providing there isn’t a student recital (which you should attend).

Typical Studio Classes

There are a number of goals that we try to accomplish in studio class.

Performance- It gives an opportunity for studio members to perform for their peers. Performances can be accompanied or not, solo or chamber. Students wishing to offer presentations are encouraged to do so (by request).

Education- it provides an opportunity for students to develop their communication skills by offering verbal critique to performers. This is of great value to both performers and future educators.

Logistics- Studio class is a great time to ‘check in’ with announcements on important dates in the semester, reminders regarding deadlines, etc. Expect a few announcements at the beginning of class that you will not want to miss.

Presentations- Every so often there might be few performers, few announcements, etc. I will often utilize this time to present concepts and words of wisdom to the entire studio. While I would love this aspect of studio class to be zero (because we have so many performers week after week!), I will take advantage of available time to offer guidance on how to teach, play, and succeed in college.

Special Studio Classes

There will be, from time to time, unique studio classes that do not follow the above formats. Some of the types of studio classes I have done in the past are:

“The Barrel”- Everyone’s name goes into a ‘barrel’ (usually a hat), and we draw one name. That individual gets 20 minutes to practice a piece (that they have never seen before) while everyone watches and observes the practice methodology. That student then performs the piece and the studio offers critique on both the practice methods as well as the performance.

“The All-Skate”- Everyone performs 2 minutes of a solo/etude/excerpt.

Guest Presentation- From time to time we will have guest artists in town that will come and present during our studio class. Sometimes due to scheduling conflicts, the guest artist will not be able to utilize the studio time. We will schedule a time that is convenient for them. Attendance is still required if adequate notice is given of the event.

“Listening Party”- Everyone will be assigned a piece to find their favorite and least favorite recording of the work. They have to either bring in a CD or send me a link to an online performance. We listen, compare, discuss.