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Day 753- It is Only a Matter of Time

After practicing every day for over two years without missing any days, I can honestly say that progress never stops. I have hit no walls or plateaus- and I used to feel like I did when I sprinkled in days off. There is something about addressing goals every single day that makes me move through them not only more quickly, but more predictably. When a ‘problem’ or goal emerges as something I need to address, there is a comfort in knowing that in a few days it will pass and I will move beyond it, even when I cannot see how exactly that will come to pass. It always does. It is only a matter of time. There is also something empowering about knowing that I will be a different player in 10 days. I will be an even better player 50 days from now. 100 days from now, 200 days from now. My units are getting super-efficient and productive and I am getting into a rhythm of getting 6-7 daily (making actual progress on stability, agility, fluency, clarity, and repertoire every single day). There are times where a unit feels like an hour’s worth of progress happened in a 15-16 minute unit, and the unit feels like it passes in less than a minute. Hyper-focused.The exercises are streamlined and get to the meat of it quickly. This creates a unique comfort in the short term and a different yet equally optimistic feeling about the long term. Becoming one of ‘the best’ is inevitable and I feel like there are no barriers or walls in front of me. I don’t know if I will ‘arrive’ to a certain level on day 800 or day 1200 or day 2000, but with no days off, I will continue to always be moving toward it. I think the next two years are going to be significant in my playing. With each passing day, it really does feel like it is only a matter of time.