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Day 312- Rollercoasters

I am past the 300 milestone! I'm starting to feel like instead of celebrating a birthday, I'd rather celebrate every 500 days of practice. It seems more important to me that celestial circumnavigation!

I am still improving every day, and since my last post I have started keeping track of not only consecutive days of practice, but also consecutive days of 2 units, 3 units, and 4 units. Once I started doing that, I have forced myself to get at least 4 units of practice per day, which has had a profound effect. I don't want to end the streak of 4-unit days!

The irony is that even though I am practicing more (and breakthroughs are more frequent and improvement is noticeable) it is almost as if those moments after breakthroughs where you really feel a sudden clarity of how much more there is to do and how far away the end goal is have also gain in severity. The good increases with the bad. Lately I find myself experiencing great triumph one day by an equal level of daunting intimidation the next. I guess when you really start investing in something beyond a previous limit, the significance also hits you too. I am thankful that I can look back at my practice logs and blog to remind me of how far I have come. All I need to do is keep chipping away. Success is in the journey- creating a new state of mind that embraces ‘the practice’ as a way of life. That comes with ups and downs, and that’s OK. Those ups and downs are becoming a part of who I am. I imagine some great triumphs and great challenges between here and 400. I am ready to meet them!


Consecutive days with at least 1 unit- 312

Consecutive days with at least 2 units- 59

Consecutive days with at least 3 units- 40

Consecutive days with at least 4 units- 34


Days 0-100- 393 units

Days 101-200- 394 units

Days 201-310- 343 units

Goal for 301-400= 400 units.