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Day 276- New Growth

It seemed fitting that today I used a photo of some of our tomato starts, which we will be plating in the ground this weekend- new growth everywhere! The similarity to my playing is uncanny.

My breakthroughs in playing have been quite significant over these past few days, but every day 'feels' like it is a little better than the day before. This journey has demonstrated time and time again that when you practice every single day, progress will slowly continue to happen. I am thankful for that.

More importantly, most of us are aware of the two kinds of improvement: First, there is the daily 'chipping away' improvement that feels and looks like small bits. Second, there are 'phase shifts' or major breakthroughs that change the trajectory. Something finally 'clicks' in a way where the way we approach our 'thing' changes. This is usually accompanied by a more significant sign of improvement, seemingly 'all-of'a-sudden'. Wouldn't it be great to figure out how to 'skip over' the daily micro-improvements, and just crack the code for the major shifts? Well, it is the daily 'Zen in the Art' of doing whatever that I think leads us to being open and ready to receive such breakthroughs. You cannot rush it. I think the major breakthroughs can only happen with adequate and steady 'chipping away'. It's the daily grind that fertalizes and prepares the ground for the new growth to happen, like that sudden 'sprout' that wasn't there yesterday. Actually it was, it just had not yet broken through the dirt. But it was there, growing all along.

This is a far more important, yet a far less quantifiable reason as to why the practicing every day has been so impactful. You cannot rush this process, but practicing every day has shown me that you can fertilize the soil and prepare the ground to prepare it for the major breakthroughs, and the breakthroughs will then come more quickly and more often. You reap what you sew... happy practicing!

Note: I am monitoring my 'streak' in a new way- 1-unit streak,2-unit streak, 3-unit streak, etc.

1-unit streak= 276 days

2-unit streak= 23 days

3-unit streak= 4 days

My goal is to maintain at least 3 units of practice per day as a new baseline. We'll see what the future brings!