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Day 114- New Leaps and Bounds

It is amazing how quickly progress can be when someone is just starting out. The phrase 'leaps and bounds' sometimes describes the rapid progress that can be made early on the journey of practice. We have experienced this is many domains and have witnessed others (perhaps our students) experience this as well. (side note:Ironically the ones that do not practice, but then start to practice a week before juries are often surprised and encouraged by their rapid improvement, but the significance to the rate of improvement is a dead giveaway that they haven't put in the time all semester long, so their progress resembles that one of just starting the journey, but I digress...)

Two days ago I felt a real shift up to a new level of play, which then sounded and felt horrible. The GOOD news is today I experienced one of those 'leaps and bounds' days that often comes when just starting out. It stands to reason that as you near the end of one level, the progress slows to a grinding halt, which can be frustrating. But, the good news is if you do manage to break through to a new level, it is almost like starting over, thus you get to experience the 'leaps and bounds' growth associated with beginning the journey. In a way, you are beginning the journey all over again, just at a higher level. I am thankful that I got to experience this, and it has motivated me to press on. I am more aware of the pattern of progress slowing to a halt, followed by a metamorphosis to a new level of play, followed by significant progress. I now look forward to the next 'grinding halt' because it means an even higher level of play is soon to follow! Onward...