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Day 103

I realized today that practice for me is just like practice for anyone who isn't a musician in that my practice time still feels like an extra thing I do outside of my work responsibilities. The fact that I teach and play for a living doesn't really matter. I need to show up before/after 'work' to chip away at this goal of mine. I always thought there would be a day where it would feel 'built in' to my life, but even now it feels like it is separate. It's like no matter what level we are, our lives accommodate the present version of ourselves and if you want to improve that, you have to do it on your own time. No one 'pays' you to better yourself. That makes it more difficult. It would be so much easier to just be the current version of myself- that would take basically no practice. The alternative is hours every day devoted to this. I can see why many people hop off this train and stay put. I'm in it for the long haul! Also my clarity of articulation plan needs work. Some of the things I am doing to work on it aren't really focused on that (example- my bass lines are more about fluency so I need to shift them over to fluency). For clarity I need to make the rep more simple and focus on basic movements (tongue, slide, etc.). More to come!