Senior Recital

The Senior recital represents the final capstone project of applied lessons. The 'final project'. It is an opportunity for a graduating student to show what they have learned through their musical performance. With the right preparation throughout your college study, this can be an amazing experience- a victory lap. I have also seen the senior recital be a terrifying exercise of torture and survival for those that haven't prepared. You cannot cram recital preparation. 

It is my job to help prepare you for this occasion, and when you are prepared it can be one of the most fulfilling events in your life. We will work together to make this event special. Here are some guidelines and helpful tips.

Choosing Repertoire

For Troy University, a senior recital should consist of at least twenty-five minutes of solo repertoire and an additional five minutes of chamber music. Solos should represent the highest level of achievement by the performer and I would recommend utilizing various solos previously performed for juries and studio classes to make up at least half of the repertoire. You should learn at least one new piece, an entire recital constructed of music you have never performed is a huge undertaking and should only be attempted by the most ambitious of students. If you are looking for repertoire, start here.

Program Notes

An absolute must. More information coming soon, but for starters, look here.

Finding an Accompanist

The longer you wait, the more limited your choices will be.

Choosing a Recital Date

Pick a date that your teacher and accompanist can do. Make sure it is available at the school. Make sure out-of-town family members that want to attend can make it. I would suggest going in that order. The longer you wait, the more limited your choices will be.

As Always, feel free to ask me questions!