Practice at Home with Me!

These videos are designed for beginners and developing players. One of the toughest aspects of playing a brass instrument is developing characteristic tone, especially if you are at home for an extended period of time with no teacher readily available to demonstrate things. I have over twenty years of experience specifically teaching beginners and I have put my expertise into this video series for you. Everything is free and available for you here. All you have to do is press play!

A good speaker or good headphones is recommended.

Start with Level 1. Repeat this lesson for as many days as you need to feel comfortable with it. When you are ready, move on to level 2, etc. Eventually you can 'mix and match' mini workouts to develop your own lesson at an appropriate level. As you develop, practice time should increase. These lessons are designed to help anyone learn how to play the trombone. Give it a try and if these videos are helpful for you, please share this page, subscribe to my Youtube channel, etc. I appreciate your help in getting this resource to people who can use it.

Happy practicing!

Level 1

What You Will Need:

For this video, you won't need any handouts. We will start using printed music in Level 3. 

NOTE: Once a handout is used, it may be used in future videos, so I recommend printing out the handouts and keeping them in a binder if you are able. 

Level 2

No handouts needed!

Level 3

Watch this tutorial video before going to Level 3

Level 4

No new handouts for Level 4, but I start moving through the first-five-note scale pattern more quickly, so you'll want to make sure you are prepared on those from level 3.