Concert Attendance

As a music major, you are expected to attend a variety of live performances throughout the semester. This is to broaden your musical scope. It will change how you hear music, your internalized concept of sound, and hopefully inspire you!

You are required to attend all student and faculty recitals that specifically showcase the trombone. Additionally any master classes or performances of trombone guest artists are also required. I will add dates as they emerge, which makes any list subject to change and revision without notice, so check back frequently and check the school's performance calendar for updates. Should a date be added that you have an academic conflict with, please contact me so we can discuss options.

Here are some additional goals for the Troy Trombone studio:

1 performance that does not involve your instrument in the semester (i.e. no trombones!)

1 performance that does not involve musical instruments (including voice) in the semester (e.g. live theater)

1 performance that is not held on campus

1 faculty performance (they represent the best musicians of the region and country and offer recitals on campus FOR FREE.  You should go).

1 low brass performance not involving Troy University (Check out Mobile, Montgomery, Pensacola, etc.- learn about the scene in greater Alabama!)

1 performance where there is no one you know performing.