This live online course will prepare you to thrive in college music theory classes. If you have no experience studying music theory, I can help get you ready! Theory classes are the most often repeated classes in the undergraduate college music curriculum, and paying for the same class multiple times can get expensive. With a little investment here, you can skip the do-over, and thrive the FIRST TIME.

In some ways, music theory is exactly like math. Some of you may hate math, but I love the beauty of the patterns that can be found in math AND in music, and I can show you how to unlock the patterns and see the beauty in it too. This class covers everything from basic reading and music notation to scales, triads, major, minor, seventh chords, and so much more! No more intimidation with the jargon. I break it down and show you the secrets.

The language of music is like any language- once you understand the vocabulary, grammar, syntax, etc. you can speak poetry. Your true passion can shine through! The learning process, however, can be difficult, and it is where people get held up. Though I have taught college music theory, I also struggled with it when I was younger. I repeated college courses and spent tons of money to get through. Now, I can help make it simple because I remember seeing it through those eyes. I'm on the other side and I can help get you past the barriers and challenges. 

Today's challenge is tomorrow's warm-up. After this course, you'll have the knowledge and confidence to tackle your upcoming college music theory classes. Start the year off right knowing you'll have the skills to thrive in your college music theory classes.

This summer I will be offering my theory prep course twice. Students can pick a session that lines up best with their schedules.

This class is designed so it can meet your budget, and hopefully save you money. Many universities offer placement tests where you can 'test out' of a fundamentals of music theory class. That's one less class that you have to pay for. At the least, you'll be far less likely to need to repeat your basic music courses, which can save you money (especially if you haven't studied music theory yet). Sign up today!

Frequently Asked Questions


I have never taken a theory course. Will this be over my head?

No! This course is designed to start at the very beginning and progress through the basic fundamentals of music theory. It's perfect for anyone who wants to learn about how to read music as well as better understand music.


Will this class be recorded and will the videos be available to participants?

The classes will be recorded and the videos will be available to participants for a limited time.

If I take this course, can I receive college credit?

No. This course is separate from any college curriculum. It is designed to prepare you to do well in whatever college music program you are entering, but it does not count as a substitute. Some schools offer placement tests, and it is possible to test out of first semester theory with the help of this course, but each school is different and there are no guarantees that merely taking this course will automatically help you pass. I can say that if you master this material, you will be in a good position to do so!

How can I be sure that my university music program will be covering the material in this course?

You can always contact your institution to find out what topics and material are covered in first or second-semester music theory, or what concepts students are expected to learn in a fundamentals or introductory music theory course. This course is designed to coincide with typical offerings in those fundamentals courses.

Is there a refund is I have to miss a class?

No, but classes are available for a limited time via video, so if you have to miss a class or two, you will have an opportunity to view later.

Is there a limit to the number of spots available?

Yes. Each session is limited to 100 participants, and the special rate of $100 for the entire session will not last forever, so sign up today!

Does this class have homework?

No! Though I offer materials for you to practice, you will not have to turn in any assignments, you will not receive a grade, etc. It's just a relaxed opportunity to learn music theory!

If I change my mind, is the course refundable?

No. By reserving a space in the class, you are potentially taking that availability away from someone else. There are no refunds or exchanges, so make sure it fits your schedule and you have the time to attend.

How do I register and pay?

This is a very informal process. Contact me through my website and say "I want to register for your summer music theory course". You pick a session, and payments can be made through Paypal. It's simple!

Click HERE to register now!

When do I need to register by?

Session #1 Registration deadline is June 1st, 2021. 

Session #2 Registration deadline is June 21st, 2021.

Payment is due at registration and confirms your spot in the class.