Long Tones: I-V7-I

Use this video to play along!

The above PDF’s lay out a 6-part choir version of long tones that move chromatically.  Feel free to play each key in an ascending or descending manner.  The parts combine to form a I-V7-I chord progression in each key.  As an individual you can pick any part and play it as a soloist.  To the untrained ear it might appear to be “just like” a Remington Long Tone exercise but trust me, after a month you’ll start to hear phrases from your very first notes.


Continue with I-IV-I and I-vi-I

By practicing the I-V7-I, I-IV-I, and I-vi-I chord progressions, we become familiar with the sound and voice leading of the I,IV,V7, and vi chords of any key. These 4 chords make up a vast majority of both classical (and popular) music contexts.  If you can familiarize yourself with these harmonic progressions, you'll have a much greater internalized reference of the harmonic progressions you will most commonly play in.  When you are ready, combine them for even more advanced harmonic progressions.