Juries are considered the ‘final exam’ for applied lessons. Any student enrolled in MUS 2224, 3324, or 4424 must perform a jury at the end of each semester. Additionally, if you are receiving $1000 or more in a band performance award and are enrolled in lessons (even in 1124) you also have to perform a jury. If you are enrolled in 1124 lessons and your award is less that $1000 from the band to play the trombone, then the jury performance is optional. 


Solos- Solo repertoire is chosen during lessons (usually half way through the semester- around the 8th week of classes) and performed with piano accompaniment. DO NOT WAIT to provide music to your accompanist. As soon as you know what you will be playing, make sure to get them a copy of the piano part. For examples of recommended solos for juries and recitals, click the link here.

Sight Reading- In addition to solo repertoire, you will have sight reading.

3324 Students will be expected to sight read in tenor clef in order to advance into 4424 lessons.

What to Wear

Treat your jury as a performance.  Business casual or more formal attire is appropriate. Though it is not a fashion show, you want to give the impression that your jury performance is important. What would you wear to a job interview? What would you wear to church? Avoid sneakers, jeans, hats, anything too revealing, ripped, or cut-off. Avoid t-shirts, especially with loud logos or designs. Use common sense and good judgment and you will be fine, but as you will learn, the first impression people will have of your playing is how you carry yourself as you walk on stage. This includes your appearance, so demonstrate that it matters to you.

Comments and Feedback

I will send a digital copy of the faculty comment sheets along with my own comments via email. Make sure you print (clearly) the email address to which you prefer to receive comments from on the jury sheet.

Additional Requirements for Juries

Freshman Juries 

You may be asked to demonstrate any major scale randomly selected in either the fall or the spring jury.

Sophomore Barrier Juries

In order to pass out of your sophomore year into your junior year for lessons (214 level to 314 level), you will need to successfully complete a Sophomore/Barrier Jury.  In your 4th semester of lessons, you will sign up for 2 adjacent jury times. The second time will be a barrier jury, and you will be asked to demonstrate proficiency on any major, natural minor, harmonic minor, or melodic minor scale. You will need to fill out the following jury form IN ADDITION to the regular jury form (download here or pick up in the main office). The low Brass Studio uses the following scale pattern.  Download the scale pattern (link below) and start practicing!

Junior Juries

You may be asked to demonstrate symmetrical interval patterns of minor seconds, major seconds, minor thirds, major thirds, or perfect fourths (PDF Coming Soon). NOTE- If you have successfully completed a junior recital, you will not be required to perform a jury for the semester that included the recital.  For example, if you are a junior and you schedule and perform a junior recital in the spring semester, then you will be required to perform a jury in the fall, but not in the spring.

Graduate Juries

In addition to solos, scales, or intervals, graduate students may be asked to perform standard excerpts from the orchestral repertoire.