Grading for Troy Trombone Students

For Fall 2018:


Attendance- 20% of your grade. There are 15 weeks of studio/recital classes that meet at Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. Special recitals include faculty brass recitals, studio member senior recitals, or special guest artist master classes/recitals. Each of the 20 events will be worth 1% of your grade. If you attend, you get 1 point. If you do not, you get 0 points. If studio cannot happen on Wednesday, we will make up the class on a Monday or Friday in the same hour as quickly as possible.


Materials- 5% of your grade. You are required to procure equipment and repertoire for the semester. An etude book (not every semester but you might have 3 or 4 etude books by the end of your studies) by week 1, the Doctor Drone app (by week 2), the newest song book (by week 3), and a new solo (by week 4) are required to be purchased by the assigned deadlines. If you have these items, you get 1 point each. If you do not, you get zero points. You are also required to deliver your accompaniment part to your jury accompanist by the end of the 9th week of school (worth 1 point of your grade).


Homework- 60% of your grade. Each week students will be required to upload a video of the etude assigned for that week (this is in addition to any solo preparation). You will also be required to upload a photo of your completed practice log. Photos and videos will all be due by Sunday at 8:00 p.m. at the week’s end. In addition, practice goals will be discussed in week one and meeting these goals will be graded. For example, if we decide that 42 units (which is the standard requirement for undergraduate majors) is doable but you only practice 28 units, then you will not receive credit for practice. Each lesson will include a technical challenge (a homework assignment of approximately 3 technical exercises for you to specifically prepare for the following lesson). The first thing we will play each lesson is your weekly technical challenge, which will be graded on preparation. Each week these four components will each be given 1 point for completion (meaning preparation for each weekly lesson carries four different points toward your final grade: the 2 uploads that will arrive the Sunday before, the success of meeting practice goals, and then the technical challenge in your lesson).

Performance- 15% of your grade. You are required to perform an etude or solo movement in two studio classes (or one studio class and one student recital). Each performance is worth up to three points. There will be a midterm jury (consisting of a prepared etude and technical exercises) worth up to 4 points, and a final jury that is worth another 4 points. Program notes will be required for your final jury which is worth 1 point. The first draft of your program notes are due by the end of week 12 with a revised draft due by the end of week 14.


Calculating your Grade. There are a total of 100 possible points to earn. Credit after deadlines will not be given unless special arrangements were made prior to the deadline. Add up the total number of points earned. Grading will be as follows:

90-100= A         80-89= B           70-79=C            0-69= F