The Orchestral Repertoire

Imagine a time when orchestras were one of the most popular forms of entertainment.  When the brightest minds were all dedicated towards developing music in this style and funding was abundant- This 'classical era' gave birth to some of the best music ever written, and we as orchestral musicians have a rare and unique opportunity to not only honor the masterful works but also provide them to future generations of people. Classical music is a great art form worth preserving!  

If you want a job playing your instrument professionally, you will have to become familiar with this great music.  Here I will provide links and resources to orchestral excerpt information.  There are several sites that provide great information, and this page can be a good a place to start your investigation.

Use this site to find the actual parts

Use this site to find the actual parts

This site is great for excerpts of recordings to listen to

Doug Yeo has a ton of great information regarding the preparation and taking of auditions

The Online Trombone Journal has put together a good list of tenor excerpts with articles on performance suggestions here