I wanted to thank you for visiting my site and checking out my materials.  I know how difficult it is for young students and educators to find quality resources, and I hope my practice tips and resources are helpful to you or your program.  The ideas presented on this website are a culmination of over sixteen years of intensive collegiate study where I worked a great deal to discover the most cutting edge methods that will help boost productivity, engage the brain in an effective manner, and keep people moving forward towards their goal of playing better and teaching more efficiently.  

Since I know some people (especially students) cannot afford lessons or expensive products, I have made an effort to keep these materials readily available at low or no cost.  On the other hand, I have paid an enormous sum of money for the education and resources that helped me make these materials.  I am sure you can imagine what 16 years of college cost me.  Now that I have these ideas, I am trying to use them to not only pay forward to the community of musicians that I am honored to be a part of, but also pay back the cost of generating them in the first place.

Therefore, I am asking that if you download these documents, watch the videos, play along to the practice tracks, and find these materials helpful to your playing and teaching, please consider making a contribution to my efforts, so I may keep generating high quality resources for your use.

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