Winter Session begins December 15th

Each session is limited to 12 participants, so each participant gets my very best effort and attention. We will have an initial meeting on December 15th (or approximate as your schedule allows) where we will start with the diagnostic assessment of your facial stability. From there, we will start our journey! I prescribe workouts on a daily basis that are specific to YOUR playing and your facial structure. You can complete the workouts at your own convenience and report back to me with feedback (we go over the most effective ways for you to provide feedback for the workouts- we keep it simple). Then you go to sleep, and the next morning the stability fairy will leave you a workout in your inbox. 

Twice each month, we can schedule an appointment to have you perform your stability workout in a live zoom session to receive immediate feedback regarding your form or nuanced aspects of your approach. This is crucial to make sure we stay on the same page throughout the course and you get the most out of the workouts. Remember, I'm not your musical coach- you probably already know how to do that. I'm your personal face trainer, and we are going to get your set-up to an elite level with specific and target work. 

Find out how YOU can take control of your playing by clicking below for pricing and to enroll in a stability session.