Community Play Along Project

I have friends and colleagues that are fantastic educators all over the country- many of them do not play trombone nearly as much as I do. The most common need I hear from them is "our students need to hear good players and be exposed to characteristic sound".  Though I do not claim to be 'the definitive' version of a trombone sound, I created this page to post videos that students of all ages can play along to.  

Each school that wishes to participate gets a page.  On that page I will be posting all sorts of warm-ups, exercises, trombone parts to band pieces they are working on, etc.  They can choose from a library of already-existing material, or they can request exercises  specific to their program.  The page is tailored to their needs.

Find a link to your school's page below.  If you are interested in having a page for your music program, contact me and let's set it up.  It is absolutely free- there is no cost to the students, no cost to the teacher.

Tell your students to play along!