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Intonation- Level 2- Tuning Isolated Intervals

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In Level-1, we worked on centering in on pitches that were presented as the root of each key. In Intonation Level-2, each video will take you through a different interval. In each video, I start with a Bb against a Bb drone (Root). The drone then changes, making the Bb a new interval that will need to be adjusted in order to sound in tune. The drone will then return to Bb, requiring the player to return to playing it as a root. This pattern is then repeated with a B natural, and moves up chromatically for an entire octave. Each key is presented twice, with me providing a demonstration of adjusted pitch, followed by just the drones for you to try. For the purposes of these videos, I am bending the pitch exclusively with my slide. For valved instruments, you should rely on tuning slides when you can, but there will be various times where you will need to bend the pitch with your chops. You can practice bending with just your chops, but when playing with others, try to use the tuning slides as much as possible to save your face. Remember- I Play, then YOU play the next phrase! We work up chromatically for an octave.

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