Brass Techniques

Dr. Mike Huff and I teach brass techniques at Troy University. The course, called "Class Brass", is designed to give music education students and overview of brass instruments in preparation for their career as educators. It is taught with educators in mind. Every music education program has some kind of methods course, and this is is ours. It is designed to specifically line up with our calendar, but others may find this to be a good place to find information they need regarding the teaching of brass instruments. We hope that in addition to our alums, others may find this resource helpful for their current teaching.

We are just starting to upload and design this page, so bookmark it and please check back periodically.

Our class meets twice a week for one semester (roughly 15 weeks). There are always a few holidays etc. so we have about 26 classes per semester. Each class has a different focus in terms of information, and by putting more information up here, we make it so we can spend more time in class playing the instruments! Students should go through the pages here in PREPARATION for the upcoming class (this will serve you better than doing it after). It is also a great place for additional information that we might not get to cover in class. Lastly, if you have to miss a class, you will be able to visit these pages, watch the videos, completel the assignments, etc. in place of attending.

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