All-State Preparation


When I was in high school, I couldn't afford private lessons.  Fortunately my band director, Darcy Davis, was always willing to help coach me on my all-state audition materials.  I ended up making all-state 3 years in a row and through those experiences gained valuable knowledge, exposure to other motivated kids like me, and grew a passion for music.  I wouldn't be where I am today without those life-changing experiences.  I have created this page as a resource for kids that want help on preparing their solo region/all-state audition materials.  I'm just starting, so please check back frequently as I will be updating with helpful videos.


PLEASE NOTE- Though I try to make every effort to keep my page current, I cannot be held responsible for old information regarding repertoire changes.  ALWAYS refer to your state's music education or bands website for the most current information regarding dates, repertoire seletion, etc.  If you notice that my info conflicts with what you see elsewhere, please contact me so I can update my page.  Thanks!