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Hi, I'm Jason Sulliman. I help musicians harness the power of science to make music, better.

About Me
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I was not a child prodigy. I made a lot of playing mistakes as a young trombonist, and it held me back.


Fortunately, my lifelong obsession with scientific discovery turned out to be the key to cracking the practice code. I'm proof that you can build (or rebuild) how you play your instrument from the ground up and achieve the same level of mastery that seems to come naturally to many elite musicians.

Learn more about my journey 

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COURSES & RESOURCES for musicians

I've created a series of courses built on my years of trial and error as a brass musician. Each course is rooted in scientific research ranging from time-tested principles of kinesiology to cutting-edge neuroscience on neuroplasticity. These courses are designed to complement traditional music education and private instruction for all musicians, from beginners to the principal chairs in top orchestras around the world. 


Facial Stability Training (Facework) is NextGen, data-driven coaching for serious wind musicians. Designed as a personalized series of bite-sized micro-lessons, Facework is a systematic, targeted approach to the specific strengths and weaknesses of your unique facial musculature. 

FACEWORK IS Great for...

  • Anyone who uses their face to make music!

  • Healthy range and technique development

  • Rehabilitation from facial injuries

  • Etc...


FACEWORK - Facial Stability Laboratory

A three-month, one-on-one facial stability coaching program with Jason. Learn more.

Laboratory length: 3 months


Brainwork is the scientific approach to "getting your head in the game." Neuroscientists are actively unlocking new frontiers in the brain, especially with regards to neuroplasticity, the brain's ability to learn, and re-learn, how to do things.

brainWORK IS Great for...


  • Anyone who uses their brain to make music! 

  • Efficient and effective practicing

  • Performance anxiety

  • Etc...

brainwork courses

Coming soon!


As musicians, we tend to focus on the parts of our bodies that directly interact with our instrument, but kinesiology tells us that it's really a full-body experience. Bodywork is a holistic approach to the whole musician's physical self as it relates to playing.

BODYWORK IS Great for...


  • Anyone who uses their body to make music! 

  • Injury prevention

  • Optimal, tension-free technique

  • Etc...


Long practice sessions are sub-optimal.

Instead, I recommend a holistic approach to practice sessions that includes "microbreaks."


Coming Soon.

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"When I had my accident, I didn’t know if I would ever play again. Having Jason’s guidance and Stability Program through this entire process has made it possible for me to play again."


Dr. Bryan Appleby-Wineberg

Professor of Trumpet, Head of Brass - Rowan University

Principal Cornet - Atlantic Brass Band

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